lundi 20 avril 2009

Sana Khallouk
Daraoui Fatima Zahra
Dr. Ibahrine
IMC Project

Presentation of the brand
TIYYA is the first range of purely Moroccan beauty products made of different Moroccan herbs and oils plus one major component such as jasmine, dry roses, or lavender, and the different ingredients are mixed in traditional ways, depending on the nature of the skin. This product is positioned as a Moroccan high quality, natural and traditional care. TIYYA initiated on March 8, 2007, and was launched by “Essences du Maroc” and “Les Arômes du Maroc”.

Brand name: TIYYA
TIYYA stands for “She is beautiful” in the Berber language. This brand name is distinguishable from other brands since it is exclusively addressed to women. The brand’s name implies the attributes and benefits of the product; it is a Moroccan natural care based on traditional mixtures of a variety of ingredients. It also achieves compatibility with the brand’s desired image and with its product design and packaging, and it is memorable and easy to pronounce.
The logo consists of the name of the brand “TIYYA” accompanied with an image that symbolizes the cross of the South. The design of this star is often used in Berber jewellery.
The slogan is “Ritual of beauty”. TIYYA probably started with the idea that each woman already has a natural beauty that simply needs to be freed by a high quality, traditional and natural product.

Appropriateness of TIYYA’s colours:
TIYYA’s range of products is presented in modern conditionings and guarantors to the European standards of cosmetic safety. The colours in the sober packaging reflect the variety of natural ingredients that compose the product by the use of the plants’ colours (Yellow for Orange Flower, Brown for Ghassoul, pink for roses and orange for Argan oil). The colours used in the packaging evoke nature, the Moroccan bouquet of different aromas and scents, and a return to tradition.
Moroccan beauty products are famous for their benefits. Traditional women are the ones who really benefited from this type of care by mixing themselves different ingredients. Customers tend to go back to natural products; that’s the reason why we chose TIYYA due to its originality.
Their packagings also emphasize the natural, the traditional, the oriental, and these characteristics make people associate the products with good quality. Usually in Morocco, women can buy natural care products in al Attar, a small shop found in Souks, in which a person sells different kinds of spices and mixtures of natural ingredients for skin, hair, and health care. However these sellers are not always very knowledgeable about the right mixtures for the right purpose and customers do not always trust their products.
TIYYA offers its customers a high quality and natural care range of products to satisfy their different needs. The idea of tradition can also be drawn from the container of the product.
In addition, TIYYA’s product are extremely workable, the products are sold in different forms; the customer can buy the whole package presented in the form of a nicely made box, or one single product offered in the form of small packages. The bottles are made in plastic in order to protect the product from breaking.

Key IMC features:
1. Start with customer prospect:
For all kinds of products, customers tend to chose the most natural and traditional ones. It is from this prospect that TIYYA constructed and formed its advertising campaign.
2. Using relevant contact
They have reached their audience through different channels:
- Newspapers and magazines: Citadine, Femmes du Maroc, l’Economiste, Le Reporter…
- Point of purchase materials: Marjane, Acima, Label vie…
- Riads and hotels: Palais Didi, Palais des hôtes et Spa andalous…
- Specialized institute: Département Parapharmacie, Aquabeauté…
3. Achieve synergy
All the communication elements used present the same message. In the customers’ minds, TIYYA stands for high quality, natural, and traditional Moroccan products
4. Build relationship
TIYYA is building relationship with customers and enhancing the brand loyalty through their advertising campaign, especially by being present in different events, and by emphasizing the idea that TIYYA cares about women.
5. Affect behaviour:
The purpose of their advertising campaign is to make customers aware of the existence of their brand, try it, form beliefs and attitudes about it, reinforce these beliefs and attitudes, and remain loyal to it.

The dimensions associated to TIYYA
: TIYYA is natural, it takes care of women’s body, and the mixture of ingredients is traditional.
Competence: TIYYA is successful and reliable; it respects its engagement of making customers’ skin softy, and with an enduring smell.

Target market:
This product is intended for girls and women from all age ranges. The natural composition of the product makes it usable even by little girls. Since the product is adapted to different skin problems and beauty purposes, TIYYA offers to their customers to choose from a range of products depending on their specific needs. TIYYA’s customers are located everywhere in Morocco not only the main cities. As mentioned earlier, TIYYA positioned its products in Marjane, Acima and Label vie, in addition to other beauty shops, and other points of purchase such as riads, hotels… This allows TIYYA to target a large audience.

Brand positioning via brand benefits
TIYYA products respond to customers’ functional needs by offering them a care that will help purifying, regenerating and caring about their skin. TIYYA offers a range of products pleasant to use and effective, to purify, refresh, soften, and embellish.
It responds also to the symbolic needs by associating the brand with Berber tradition, nature, healthy skin, and beauty.
Experiential needs: the components of the product make it extremely good smelling and give a pleasant scent. While using TIYYA’s products, a nice natural odour stays for a long time in the body, and people tend to remember their body care whenever smelling orange flower, jasmine, Argan or rose.
In addition of its existence in sales surfaces, TIYYA is offered in all beauty shops next to the other artificial body care lotions; what gives it even more credibility and acceptance in the consumer’s minds.

Setting Objectives:
- The first objective of TIYYA is to build a favourable, strong and unique brand image in the consumer’s minds.
- The second one is to promote localized brands based on traditional homemade beauty lotions. In addition, TIYYA is nowadays commercializing its products on international basis; its aim is to promote Moroccan products abroad and therefore promoting Morocco and its culture.
- Finally, as a profit organization TIYYA’s ultimate goal is to maximize the profits encouraging the purchase of the products.

dimanche 29 mars 2009

Viral Advertising

Viral advertising is the electronic equivalent to the traditional “word of mouth”. It is a marketing strategy that consists of creating a short, to the point and creative online message that catch the attention of consumers enough to pass it to each others. This marketing approach allows spreading messages on Internet, and moving it around the Web like a virus without any cost to the promoter.
Even though they both consist of offering something to the audience, Broadcasted ads and viral advertisings differ a lot from each other. TV and radio advertising are broadcast systems where the advertiser impose things to people, in contrast with viral advertising, which is about making something that people are willing to find for themselves.
Personally, I like the viral advertising; it brings us to higher level of creativity in advertising. There are no boundaries and therefore no censorship. More freedom is offered to the creative people responsible of producing and ad in terms of format, time and space.
Moreover, viral advertising allows accessible and flexible contact with the viewers; they are totally free to choose what advertisement to watch, when and where. Those new features should logically support memorizing, enhance the attributes of the brand and improve the perception of the message.
As a collectivist society, Morocco can easily adopt the viral advertising. By definition, collectivism “focuses more on community and society, and seeks to give priority to group goals over individual goals”. The process of sharing constitutes a big part of our culture. Moroccan advertisers should take advantage of this cultural norm to convey their messages and use collectivist values and beliefs to promote their products in the World of Viral Advertising.
In addition, Moroccans are more aware of social media which represents the basis of viral advertising. Nowadays, almost every one of us has Facebook, Blogs and Msn accounts. It facilitates preserving a good social interaction with people that share the same interests. So since we are using social Media on a regular basis, why would not share interesting, creative and funny ads?

Calvin Klein ads


A logotype is basically a graphical element that represents the symbol of a given company. It usually consists of a picture with the company’s name attached to it, but sometimes it might simply be just text. What is important is that it should be part of the identity of the company. It should convey a feeling of what your company is about. Consumers should, by looking at the logotype, be able to tell what type of business the company is in.
The right logotype will help to build a brand, and will be worth every penny spent on it. The wrong one could potentially ruin the company. The logotypes as well as the brand itself are “intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition”.